Why "Come and Review"?

It's a reference to the title of the 1985 Soviet movie "Come and See" by Elem Klimov. The title is a reference to a verse from the Revelations and fits the idea of contemplation and observation that is at the basis of film viewing (and reviewing). It is by no means my favourite film, or in my top 10, although I do find it a milestone of cinema. Often remembered for its unfiltered and crude depiction of war, amidst the uglyness and decadence the film shows glimpses of beauty. A scene I always remember fondly features the protagonist amidst a misty landscape.

The title also works perfectly because it connects to what, at this point, I should consider my niche, which is cinema from East Europe. Before starting my activity in film criticism, I started an instagram page, East European Flicks, centered on films from this specific and very vaguely defined region. While this influence is also palpable on this page due to the presence of various east european film reviews, Come and Review centers on all cinema, from the most mainstream to the most arthouse, from all of the world.

I'm Viktor, I started around a year ago to work for a number of italian online outlets, such as East Journal and ODG Magazine, in the department of film criticism. I started Come and Review before that, after attending a film criticism workshop at the Palic European Film Festival under film critic Neil Young, where I figured this could be a feasible field next to my dreams of filmmaking. 2022 has seen minor activity on the page due to the beginning of my work duties, but starting from April 2023, the site is back in business, with a new graphic look, aligned to the graphic update of East European Flicks. With Cannes nearing, expect more reviews - as well as a quick rundown of the festivals I have attended last year and not published about. There will be more eassays about various topics as well, aside from the reviews.

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