Welcome back!

Come and Review is back!

After a semi-hiatus of a year, I decided to return to liven the website up, with a new graphic design (to be aligned with my more successful endeavour, the instagram page @east.euro_flicks) and new regular content!

In the past year, I have been able to attend the biggest film festivals: Cannes, Berlin, Venice. I wrote little about them over here, but this gap will soon be filled! A (late) coverage of the Berlinale 2023 will be the first act of the reformed page. 

Aside from the reviews, which will still make up the bulk of the output, there will be new formats: article-essays focusing on various topics, as well as lists (the top films of 2022 is inbound), possibly a few interviews.

As you may know, east european cinema is my main niche, due to the aforementioned instagram page and my activity in italian press outlets such as East Journal, but Come and Review has, as its tagline, "everything worldwide cinema". The focus is therefore on all kinds of contemporary and classic cinema, from the more mainstream/commercial Hollywood movies to the most arthouse international works, and yes, east european cinema (which now has a specific page on the website, to honor the connection with East European Flicks).

Brace yourselves, because much is coming: festival coverages, starting from the Udine Far East Film Festival next weekend, but also new release reviews, essays, and so on!


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