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The aim of this blog/website is extremely simple: it is a container for the reviews written by a young cinephile like you, that figured that the effort he put in his reviews was too much for them to be simply published on IMDb. It is not to channel my ego into the aether, to impose a certain view over a film, or to “educate”, but to simply share. Cinema criticism is a very subjective field, in the end what counts is one’s appreciation or dissatisfaction with a film. 

Next to that, what cannot be found on this website are ratings. Five-star systems, ten star systems belong to Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb or Letterboxd. Most of the reviews do not neccessarily assess a negative or positive stance over a film, but rather describe it (without the dreaded spoilers). It is left to the reader to decide that the analysis proposed in the reviews found here validate or nullify the film’s efforts.

There’s a section however, named “lists”, that includes a series of rankings of films, based on the appreciation of this reviewer. It’s the films that I have personally most appreciated or enjoyed watching, but it definitely does not mean that say, whatever masterpiece is not included in the Top 100 films of all time (e.g. Citizen Kane) it is dismissed in a pretentious fashion as “not good enough”. It simply means that said film, despite its intrinsic importance, has not had the same impact that other films have had.


Now, let me present myself.

My name is Viktor Toth. At the time of opening this blog, I am 22 years old. I am of hungarian ancestry, but I was born in Italy, and (if everything goes well) in a couple months time I will have a bachelor’s in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Trieste. My goal in life is to make my career out of my passion for cinema, both in the field of filmmaking and film criticism.

My passion for cinema started with George Lucas’ films, Indiana Jones first and Star Wars afterwards, but at the time my field of interest was more towards the science fiction genre in particular. Ironically it was from there that I would later move to expand my knowledge in cinema. I had recently rewatched 2001: A Space Odyssey and appreciated it (after being very dissatisfied with it when I first watched it at 11, when, fresh of seeing Star Wars, I was expecting a less static film), when through my father I discovered the existence of a soviet science fiction film by the name of Solaris. This experience lead me to search for the director’s (a certain Tarkovsky) other science fiction film, Stalker, which I could obtain only by getting a full dvd box set of his films. I believe that it was that moment that lead to me being seriously interested in arthouse cinema and in film in general. As this site’s main picture suggests (a frame from Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Mirror) I have become a great admirer of his works.

I spent the last seven years watching a vast amount of films, catching up with what I did not see yet, starting from Tarantino, Scorsese and Nolan to Bergman, Kieslowski, Antonioni, Malick. I accepted since that it is a neverending process that will be continuous throughout my life, the expansion of my horizons.


While the lists section is still entirely Work in Progress, the reviews are going to be released right away. Two reviews that were written previously have already been published.

The kind of films that will be reviewed will vary. International and east european cinema will hold a special position of honour, as will arthouse films, but that does not excude the presence of reviews of more “commercial” works. 

Two weeks from now starts the Venice film festival, which will lead to a wide spectrum of films soon to be reviewed.

Here are the films that will be reviewed in the near future (next two-three weeks):

The Green Knight, The Suicide Squad, The Card Counter, Captain Volgonsky Escaped, Mama ya doma, Nosorih, Ennio, Un Autre Monde, The Last Duel, Dune.


Last, but not least, this page is also on instagram, as @come.and.review!

If you are interested in east european cinema, also follow @east.euro­_flicks, a page administered by me.


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