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The Killer - The Conscience of the assassin

David Fincher's The Killer delivers the brutality and atmosphere it promised, albeit perhaps too exactly.  Execution is everything, reads the tagline for the film. An apt description, as The Killer is a movie that greatly relies on Fincher's directorial skills, on the style, to the point that meaning, story and everything else is rather secondary.  When In Bruges was released in Italy, it had added in the title "La Coscienza dell'Assassino", which translates roughly to "The Conscience of the Assassin". In a way, it is the central question that David Fincher's The Killer might be posing - very implicitly. A hitman, portrayed by Michael Fassbender, misses a shot, for the first time in his career, and finds himself on the run. In his voice overs, he presents himself as cynical, careless, meticulous. However, is it true? The narrator seems unreliable, and no glimpses are allowed in his actual thoughts. It is a subtlety that is remarkable but sadly excess

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