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Asteroid City - Wes Anderson, what else

Wes Anderson's Asteroid City is, well... a Wes Anderson movie. Very much to its core. And as a Wes Anderson movie, it is among the more enjoyable ones, and most definitely the "most" characteristically Wes Anderson film in his filmography. The best feature of this film - a parodistic spoof of the countless Arizona-set alien invasion films Hollywood has baked, from Robert Wise to Steven Spielberg - does not have the pretence of being deeper than it is: an aesthetic endeavour. It lacks the technical maniacality of other Anderson films aswell, such as the simmetry, for the better. It does comprise some truly outstanding ideas, as well as an entirely unexpected nod to the madness of the contemporary era.but it is a simple narrative.  As anticipated, is hard to think of another film by Wes Anderson that is as characteristic about every stylistic choice of his cinema: the completely set-built desert, the dry comedy, if compared to any other films by him, is more accentuated in

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