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Civil War - will it shake the US?

The answer to the question everyone is asking, is no. Civil War is not the film that will wake up America from its political slumber. It is too hermetic in the sense in which Alex Garland often works, and at the same time, it is way too insufficient in its commentary of the post-truth society. If that was not enought, the potential spectacular side of it is too weak for the film to fulfill its promises. The first big budget film of A24 does have on paper everything that should be required for success: a strong cast, a capable director, the funds to deliver a spectacle of a certain scale. At the same time, the studio's fame as an indie powerhouse almost cementified the potentials of an imagined retelling of a future civil war in United States, seen from the perspective of a war photographer. Civil War was set to succeed on all fronts. The subject matter practically ensured the potentials of a film that could be as divisive,a s harrowing and as complex as needed. Yet, war photographe

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