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The Invasion

It was only a matter of time for Sergei Loznitsa to address the full scale invasion of Ukraine directly in his works - and the result, The Invasion, is both urgent and an important page in the cinematic documents on the topic.   Similarly to In Ukraine, directed by Tomas Wolski (who edited a film with Loznitsa) and Piotr Pawlus (who is one of the directors of photography of this feature), The Invasion represents the social consequences of war rather than the war itself. A pervasive presence of military uniforms in all social gatherings, the countless funerals, the elementary schools; geographically, the film seems to move from Kyiv closer and closer to the frontline, with the damaged houses increasing, the closer explosion sounds, the bigger desolation. An important choice by Loznitsa is the depiction of the ideological impact of the war: the slogans, and speeches, but also the education at school, or the reading habits - particularly harrowing is the sequence that sees books labele

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