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Berlinale 2024 - Selection

  It is almost impossible to predict which films are the best of the Berlinale, thus every experience at the film festival will result in several disappointments. Even harder it is to manage to see the films that are more worthwhile, unless one is to watch every single film of the programme. Therefore, this selection of worthy films cannot represent the absolute best films of Berlinale 2024, it is just the Berlinale films I found to be better amongst those I have seen. Therefore there are no rankings, although roughly the films are listed from most to least appreciated.   DOSTOEVSKIJ, dir. Damiano and Fabio D'Innocenzo Synopsis: A depressed detective tries to track down a serial killer nicknamed 'Dostoevsky' due to the letters he leaves on his victims. In an era that sees continuous disappointmentsfor the detective genre (looking at True Detective: Night Country), psychogical crime thriller is a rare case of a modern TV miniseries that is a piece of cinematic art. Filip

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