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Dune Part II - REVIEW

Dune Part II is everything it promised to be, certainly the most satisfying science fiction blockbuster epic of the last decade or so, but it also remains nebulous on the pontentials of a future franchise. READ HERE THE REVIEW OF DUNE (2021) Despite being non-original - as in, an adaptation of a cult novel, that influenced science fiction for decades to follow - Dune part II feels original. This originaluty can be perceived through the film's energy, which differs from that of the modern blockbuster, goes into more phylosophical territories. Villeneuve's past filmography was indication of his interest in nuanced, ambiguous characters and complicated ethical topics, all of which can be found in Dune, albeit not without the presence of spectacle: Dune Part II is a giant epic, and the visual grandeur remains at the center. Dune Part II is most definitely Villeneuve's film that most relies on blockbusteresque spectacle, thus the ethic-phylosophical compartment, even if presen

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